We see many persons suffering from low breathing problems. They are unable to breathe in an even manner because of obstruction in the airways due to reduced flow of air in and out of the lungs. This happens due to muscles that get tightened. Swelled airways and accumulation of mucous also leads to breathing problems. Many persons are affected badly due to this problem that sometimes becomes chronic and acute too. Air pollution, sulfites in medicines & food and respiratory infections often result in occurrence of this major disease. Persons with signs of chest tightness, reduced breathing abilities, wheezing and coughing may be suffering from Asthma, the hazardous disease.

Many types of treatments including the traditional allopathic medicines are preferred by the patients of Asthma. Excellent results can be obtained with the following preventive steps and home remedies.

Coffee / Black Tea – Though excessive use of coffee is not advised, yet it is helpful in controlling asthma because of the contents of caffeine that acts as a bronchodilator. Airways are cleared with its use. Black tea is also quite effective to check asthma.

Eucalyptus Oil – Enriched with the decongestant features, this unique oil is a great home remedy to get relief from asthma problems. Eucalyptol, the chemical contained in this oil is much effective for breathing problems. Keeping few drops of this oil onto the head facilitates good breathing. Breathing in boiled water mixed with this oil also provides good results.  

Figs – The breathing difficulties can be cut down effectively with the nutritional features of figs. Eating soaked figs and drinking the fig water empty stomach in the mornings helps easy breathing.

Ginger – The airway inflammation and contraction can be slowed down with ginger that gives relief from this problem. Taking ginger with honey and pomegranate juice also provides good relief. It can be taken in the raw form too.

Garlic – Taking 10-15 garlic cloves after boiling them in milk provides quick relief from breathing problems. Garlic tea is also much useful for asthma patients.

Honey – Contents of ethereal oils and alcohol in honey fight asthma problems. Taking it with hot water, cinnamon powder and in other forms helps greatly to get rid of breathing problems.

Lemon – Enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C, lemons help to reduce asthma related difficulties. Regular intake of lemon juice with sugar helps to breathe easily.

Mustard oil – Asthma attacks can be struck down by massaging this oil that helps to clear the respiratory system and revive normal breathing.

Onions – Obstruction in the airways can be checked with onions that have anti-inflammatory features. Inflammation is also checked with the contents of sulfur in the onions. It can be taken in raw or other different forms.

Salmon – The lungs start reacting evenly with salmon that has omegta-3 fatty acids in it. Inflammation and narrowing of the airways also gets reduced with its use. It may be taken in the raw form or its oil is also much effective for asthma patients.

Fenugreek seeds are also much effective for treating asthma.

The asthma patients can be benefited to great extent if they try the above home remedies. Simple foods and exercise also help to get good relief from asthma related problems.


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