Feeling pain in your hands, hips, knees, other joints or are affected with redness and swelling around the joints; yes it may be due to Arthritis. The parts of your body due to this major disease become stiff and it may be difficult for you to walk or make other movements in a convenient manner. These are also the signs of Arthritis that sometimes becomes intolerable due its painful effects. Your joints and other parts of the physique get adversely affected due to this ailment that may result in complications at later stags if not controlled in the beginning itself.

Many types of medications including the allopathic ones are preferred by the patients of Arthritis. However, the natural home remedies mentioned below have become the preferred choice of millions of people across the globe that wish to get rid of this problem.

Apple cider vinegar – Magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and potassium; the major contents of this natural herb make it most effective in treating Arthritis related pains. Joints and the connective tissues of the body are freed from buildup of toxins.

Alfalfa – Rich in vitamins and minerals, this natural ingredient helps to regulate pH levels. You can take it in the form of seeds by boiling them. Its capsules are also available.

Borage – Regular massaging of the Borage Seed Oil on the paining joints or other body parts helps in getting relief from acute pains. You can drink it too. Remember not to swallow its leaves or other parts.

Cherries – Potassium and magnesium, the major contents of this herbal product help to get quick relief from arthritis problems. It is useful to reduce inflammation too. It is available in frozen, canned and fresh forms. Cherry syrup is also much useful.

Cinnamon – The antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties of this natural herb give fruitful results to get much relief from Arthritis and its related complications. Applying its paste by adding honey onto the affected parts also gives excellent results.

Epsom Salt – The pH levels of the body can be regulated evenly with the help of this salt that contains magnesium. Inflammation also gets reduced with its regular use. Mixture of lemon juice and this salt also soothes the pains.

Fish Oil – Pain due to Arthritis problems can be reduced greatly with this oil that has omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. Taking this oil in a regular manner proves much beneficial for joint pains.

Ginger – The anti-inflammatory features of this natural herb are much effective to say NO to the Arthritis problems. Grinded ginger mixed with caraway seeds and black pepper proves much fruitful for joint pains. You can take in the raw form too. The stiffness and pains can be controlled greatly by applying ginger oil onto them.

Massaging – Massage the affected parts with mustard or other healthy oils to get relief form joint pains and Arthritis problems. Heating the oil before application is more useful. The process helps in even flow of blood.

Turmeric – Take this natural herb on regular basis and see the results. The contents of curcumin with its anti-inflammatory features in turmeric make it more effective to control pains, especially in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

It is recommended that the persons suffering from arthritis adopt the above mentioned remedies apart from consulting the doctor too if the problems are intolerable.


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    Health Pack for Arthritis / Joint / Knee

    Health Pack for Arthritis / Joint / Knee


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