We come across many people that complain of pain, particularly n their joints. It is in fact Arthritis that often attacks them with pain in their elbows, knees or fingers. It can happen at the places that have joint between the bones. Many people, mostly the aged ones are challenged with acute pains due to this problem that sometimes make them difficult even to walk around and stand up properly. Large number of people suffers from this problem that puts them to great incontinence. Few of them suffering from knee problems prefer to undergo surgeries to get rid of the acute knee pains.

Different forms of medications including the allopathic ones are popular amongst the patients that suffer from Arthritis. However, millions of patients around the world now prefer to go in for the herbal medicines that are free from any adverse effects.

Aloe Vera – This natural herb is a good source of energy for the immune system. It is able to repair the body and also enhances the healing process. It gives great relief from arthritis problems.

Alfalfa – With the contents of rich minerals and vitamins, it helps the persons to get rid of arthritis.

Angelica - The contents of natural pain-relievers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory elements make this natural herb quite effective for this disease.

Black cohosh – The anti-spasm and anti-inflammatory constitutes in this natural herb make it more useful for the problems of arthritis.

Boswellia – This is one of the best home remedies for treatment of arthritis and inflammation. It nourishes the body and its immune system.

Celery – Enriched with the anti-inflammatory properties and potassium, this herbal ingredient relieves the patients from the arthritis problems.

Cherries – With the rich contents of potassium, magnesium and other protective properties, Cherries helps to reduce inflammation. You can take it fresh, frozen or tinned. It can be taken in the shape of syrup too.

Dandelion – The contents of vitamin A and C make this ingredient most effective for this problem. The leaves of this plant can be taken in the raw form. It helps to repair the damaged tissues. It can be cooked along with garlic and both give good relief from joint pains.  

Eucalyptus oil – Applying this oil (warm) on the paining joints gives good relief. Remember to cover the joints with plastic wrap. Heating them gives good results.

Ginger – Arthritis pain can be got rid of by taking this natural herb on regular basis. Take it in the form of soup, salads or other forms.

Water therapy – Keep the paining joints or other parts of your body into warm water for considerable time. The temperature of the water may be maintained at about 93.5 degrees. This process gives good results if repeated in a regular manner.

Painful situations arising out of Arthritis can be controlled in an effective manner by adopting the above mentioned home remedies that have been accepted by large number of patients across the globe. Simple exercises, morning and evening walks and healthy diets are also quite useful to say NO to this harmful disease. Avoid taking junk or fast foods that may aggravate this problem.




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