Arteriosclerosis may be defined as loss of flexibility of the blood vessels and hardening of arteries, both large and medium-sized. Excessive accumulation of lime or calcium in the blood vessels results in this disease that occurs because of narrowness of the arteries which interfere with the blood flow. It may be noted that this disease usually affects the arteries related to the abdomen, kidneys, heart, aorta and legs etc. The major symptoms of Arteriosclerosis include angina pectoris, kidney problems, loss of memory, high blood pressure, paralysis, pain and coldness in the legs and feet respectively. High cholesterol level, hypertension, obesity, smoking and lack of exercise etc lead to this dangerous disease.

Suitable treatments including the traditional allopathic medicines are taken by the persons challenged with this disease. However, the following home remedies are much useful as they are free from any harmful effects.

Healthy diet – Include vegetables, seeds, fruits, grains and nuts etc in your daily diet. Healthy oils including olive oil, sunflower oil, flax seed oil and others go a long way in getting rid of this disease. Take the foods in smaller quantities instead of taking one single meal. Avoid having ghee, cream, butter and animal fats etc. Same is true with sauces, white sugar, tea, coffee, pickles, condiments and processed food etc. Take foods that contain vitamins C and E.

Beet Juice – You can get rid of this problem by taking this juice in regular manners. The arterial system can be kept healthy and clean with this juice that works as a solvent for the inorganic calcium deposits.

Garlic and Onions – These two natural products are much helpful to say NO to this harmful problem. You can take garlic in the form of pills too. Both these eatables help you to balance your immunity.

Lemon – This natural product is much useful to eliminate Arteriosclerosis as it energizes the body and its arterial system. It gives good results by adding the lemon peel to salads and soups.

Parsley – This natural herb sustains the blood vessels and also helps to strengthen the arterial system. Regular use of this product is much useful for getting relief from Arteriosclerosis. You can take it with water.

Grapes and Pineapples – Persons suffering from this problem must include these fruits in their daily diets as they help us to keep fit and energized too. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, these two fruits are much useful to strengthen your immune system and balance your blood vessels & arterial system.

It is suggested that preventive steps should also be taken to avoid Arteriosclerosis that often occurs due to bad eating habits and other problematic aspects. Smoking that leads to hypertension and squeezing of arteries should be given up. Avoid cooking food in aluminum and copper vessels as they may result in toxics that aggravate the situation. Neat and clean hygienic habits should be formed. Simple exercises including morning & evening walks and intake of sufficient quantity of water should be initiated to stay away from this disease.


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