Appetonic forte Vet (Pack of 2)

Appetonic forte Vet (Pack of 2)

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Appetonic forte Vet

It is an obvious fact that animals are also living beings and they resemble closely to human beings as far as working mechanism of different parts and organs of their body is concerned. They also need food or nutrition so as to make available sufficient source of energy to carry out their physical activities. The digestive system of animals also requires some enzymes or digestive juices to digest the foods consumed by them. Similar to human beings, animals are also prone to suffer from various digestive disorders due to intake of wrong food items.  This in turn starts creating problem in the entire mechanism of the body as digestive system has a direct link with almost all systems of animals’ body.

In order to keep the digestive system of animals, which may be our favorite pets as well, in proper working condition, we need to use some safe and effective product. It is because all animals have their own importance in the nature.  Every animal is useful in its own way in this world. Animals prove to be quite useful for human beings in multiple ways. Therefore to ensure good health of animals, we need to make sure that their digestive system is working properly. Appetonic forte Vet, which is a very good product presented by Himalaya Herbals, is efficient in accomplishing this task well.

Appetonic forte Vet is a great rumeno-restorative and digestive tonic for the animals. It helps in normalizing the digestive functions of animals and hence helps in promoting their good health in a natural way.

Ingredients used to prepare Himalaya’s Appetonic forte Vet

Keeping in view the safety and good health of animals, Appetonic forte Vet has been prepared from herbal ingredients only. It contains triphala which is an amalgamation of three wonderful herbs known as Indian Gooseberry, Belleric Myrobalan and Chebulic Myrobalan. It helps in complete detoxification of the animals’ body by removal of impurities from it. Also it helps in cleansing the colon properly so as to ensure that digestive system is working in apt manner.  

Ginger is another beneficial herb present in the Appetonic forte Vet. It is also called as Sunthi. It is being used from times unknown to get rid of some common digestive disorders such as flatulence, dyspepsia and indigestion. It also helps in stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. It acts as a carminative as well and hence offers great relief from disturbances caused in the digestive system.

Benefits of Appetonic forte Vet

o  Appetonic forte Vet is such a wonderful formula which helps in restoring back the ruminal motility in the animals’ body, which may be caused due to any reasons.

o  Appetonic forte Vet is also apt in normalizing the ruminal pH which is quite important for proper working of the digestive system.

o  Appetonic forte Vet is also good for treatment of ruminal dysfunctions. It helps in setting such upsets in the ruminal system right.

o  Appetonic forte Vet is also efficient in improving poor digestive and appetite. 

Mode of administration

The dose of Appetonic forte Vet varies for different animals as mentioned below. 

·       4-8g for pigs, sheep and goats two times in a day

·       7-8g twice a day for calves, foals and heifers

·       15 g for camels, cattle, horses and buffalo twice a day


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