Anti-Hair Fall Cream (Pack of 2)

Anti-Hair Fall Cream (Pack of 2)

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Anti-Hair Fall Cream

Hair fall, the disease caused due to deficiency of the requisite nutrients and unrelenting use of products equipped with chemicals is common amongst many people. This should be checked in the beginning itself otherwise it may lead to baldness.

The persons suffering from hair fall take different steps including use of the conventional medicines and creams etc. Few such things sometimes put adverse effect upon the users. Herbal products including Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Cream have been introduced by the company with a focus on the users’ well being as far as growth of hair is concerned.

Major ingredients – The Anti Hair-Fall Cream is a perfect blend of the following components that are mixed in an apt proportion –

  1. Indian Gooseberry – This major component of the cream is the natural tonic for growth of the hair. It is abundantly used in Ayurvedic products. It treats the scalp and hair in an even manner. This ingredient facilitates polyphenols and Vitamin C. It helps to keep the natural colour of the hair intact. The hair does not become grey in advance. The hair follicles are also strengthened to great extent with this major component of the anti hair-fall cream. It helps in strengthening the roots of the hair in an effective manner.
  2. Licorice This strong antioxidant component of the anti hair-fall cream supports conditioning and cleansing of the hair quite efficiently. It also helps to grow the hair in a rapid manner.
  3. Thistles The roots of the hair are empowered with the requisite nutrients through this ingredient of the anti hair-fall cream. Equipped with the rich phyto chemicals including wedelolactone and eclalbosaponins; it helps to maintain good health of the hair. The growth of the hair is also promoted greatly with this component of the cream. The roots of the hair are also energized with this ingredient.
  4. Chickpea It helps in providing proteins that are responsible for conditioning of the hair. The necessary food to the hair is also provided through this basic component of the anti hair-fall cream. The hair becomes healthy, strong and shining with this major component.

Benefits of Anti Hair-Fall Cream: Himalaya's Anti-Hair Fall Cream helps to grow the hair in an effective manner. Hair fall is also checked to great extent with the regular use of this cream that strengthens the roots of the hair. This cream is advantageous in many ways as under –

  1. Reduces hair fall.
  2. Empowers the hair follicles.
  3. A source of good nourishment for the hair.
  4. Strengthens the roots of the hair.
  5. Improves hair growth.
  6. Maintains healthy hair.
  7. Strengthens the scalp.
  8. Quite safe for permed or artificially coloured hair.
  9. Increases the density of the hair.
  10. Improves the hair tensile strength.
  11. Encourages fast multiplication of hair fiber cells.
  12. Helps in rapid development of the hair-follicles.
  13. Quickens the hair growth cycle.
  14. Reverses the adverse effects of harmful elements on the hair.
  15. Safe for all types of hair.

How to use the cream – It is advised that the cream is massaged gently into the scalp in a circular motion. Regular use of the anti hair-fall cream helps to maintain the health of the hair in an even manner. Better results can be obtained by leaving the cream overnight and shampooing the hair with Himalaya's Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo. The hair may be washed the next morning. 

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