Ants, the small living creatures often harm the human beings through their stings that cause havoc. The sharp bites that affect the people are just intolerable. Anybody being bitten with the stings of these ants gets into great trouble because they can trouble any part of the body. Solenopsin, the poison injected by the ants with their stings makes your skin to burn. The after effects, i.e. the red bumps last for many days while scratching results in infection. The intense itching and pain because of their bites sometimes makes the bitten persons to cry.

Different ointments, medications and other preventive measures are adopted by the persons to treat the ant bite stings. Following home remedies are also quite useful for treatment.

A.  Baking Soda - The poisonous venom because of the ant bites stings makes the skin to burn. Puss starts accumulating around the affected area. The skin becomes itchy, red and irritating and bacterial infection could also take place. You can treat the sting effects with the paste prepared with the baking soda. It soothes the affected area to great extent. Benadryl is also quite useful for such problems.

B.  Meat Tenderizer – This unique treatment is the best home remedy for treatment of ant stings. With the contents of proteolytic enzyme papain it is able to give much relief to the persons affected with anti stings. Covering the area with a paste of meat tenderizer and water also relieves the persons from acute pains because of ant stings.

C.  Diluted Bleach – The contents of little protein that exist in the ant’s venom need to be broken. Diluted bleach is the best home remedy to do so. However, the process should be initiated immediately otherwise there may not be much improvement as regards itching or pain due to the ant stings. 

D.  Benzocaine – This important treatment also shows good results for the persons suffering from ant stings. Other soothing ingredients are also quite useful for this problem.

E.  Vinegar – White vinegar, i.e. the acetic acid give good results if it is applied regularly on the affected area due to ant stings. The irritation and itching of the skin due to the problem often are diffused to great extent with this natural treatment.

F.  Ammonia – This unique treatment is also one of best home remedies to reduce the painful affects of ant stings.

G. Ice Cubes – Placing ice cubes on the affected area also proves useful for this problem.

H. Crushed aspirin mixed with salt proves soothing.

I.  Tea Tree Oil also works well with the persons suffering from ant stings.

J. Rubbing the areas with slice of onion also reduces pain.

K.  Application of Aloe or Arnica Gel is also quite helpful to get relief from ant stings.

L.  Dabbing the area with hydrogen peroxide also gives good relief from ant sting effects.

Painful effects of ant stings can be reduced with other treatments too that include Dishwashing liquids, antihistamines, rubbing the area with lemon and topical steroid cream etc. Care should be exercised to stay away from ants, the harmful small living creatures.

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