Anorexia may be termed as a disorder that involves the human beings with their urge to have perfection and healthy body weight. This disease occurs due to persistent digestive disorders too. Persons suffering from this ailment are scared of gaining weight and indistinct body image. This affects the persons as regards their food and mealtimes too. The concerned patients lead a harsh life. Symptoms like loneliness, depression, pressure for exactness and insecurity etc engulf the people that suffer from Anorexia. They have sleep problems, imperfect concentration and lack of self-perception. The self-destructive pattern associated with this ailment is a great threat for the ones that suffer from it in a dreadful manner.

Suitable medications, precautionary measures and home remedies prove their worth to get rid of this problem.

a.    Asafetida – Anorexia can be cured with this accepted home remedy that may be taken along with pure ghee. Best results can be obtained by taking it on regular basis.

b.    Apple – Pepsin, the surge of protein-digesting enzymes is stimulated by eating an apple on all days. It helps to improve digestion.

c.    Ginger – You can increase your hunger by using this natural product. Use rock salt with ginger as they both help to manage the upset stomach and stimulate appetite. You will be able to have sufficient quantity of food by having ginger.

d.    Garlic – You can take this natural herb by boiling it in water or eat it in the raw form. Crushed garlic in soup also gives good results to stay away from anorexia as it cleanses your digestive system.

e.    Lemon – Drink the water by mixing one lemon into it. It will work wonders to cleanse the system and increase your appetite too. Adding some ginger juice to lemon juice gives best results.

f.     Mint – You can enhance your hunger by having two tsp of mint in the morning. Your eating habits will improve with its regular use.

g.    Orange Juice – The disordered digestive system can be set aright by having sufficient quantity of this juice on frequent intervals for about two three days. But avoid other things in between to have a cleansed system.

h.    Pineapple – Persons reluctant to have food must take pineapple in their breakfast. It would increase craving for food.

i.     Sour Grapes - The small but health giving sour grapes help you to strengthen your immune system. They not only improve your appetite and boost the digestive system but also energize your physique to great extent. Have sufficient quantity of these small fruits to say NO to Anorexia.

j.     Warm Water – Water quenches our thirst. Warm water is all the more significant for our digestive system that is cleansed by having its sufficient quantity on regular intervals.

Anybody suffering from Anorexia must stick to healthy foods, simple exercises, fresh fruits, green vegetables, simple living and other safety measures to stay away from this disease. Sufficient quantity of water is also a must to cleanse your digestive system that sometimes becomes distorted. Doctor’s assistance may be sought if the problem goes out of control. 

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