Heart, the major organ of our physique needs to function in a normal manner. Sufficient quantity of oxygen rich blood is required for its proper working. Angina is the particular condition when there is some hindrance for the oxygen rich blood to reach the heart. Angina pain is often felt in the chest but it can attack the back, jaw, throat, neck, arms and shoulders too. Known as Angina Pectoris too, Angina pain occurs because of narrowing of the coronary arteries. It may happen due to the heart disorders or heart muscles too. Angina pain may lead to fatigue, nausea, sweating and weakness etc. It may also result in confusion, weakness and dizziness etc. Aged people and particularly the males are more prone to Angina Pains.

The following steps and home remedies can help the patients to get good relief from the problems of angina pains.

a.     Grapes help to control angina pain to great extent. They provide sufficient strength to the heart and the risk of heart attacks goes down heavily with the juice of the grapes.

b.    Angina pains can be checked effectively with the help of onion. One tsp of onion juice can work wonders if it is taken in the morning without having any other eatable.

c.     The juice of the Holy Basil should be taken after mixing it with lukewarm water. Adding honey to it also gives best results to keep away from Angina Pains.

d.    Angina pains can be got rid of by having two pieces of garlic on daily basis. It should be taken with milk. Garlic is the best medicine to control heart problems.

e.     Rich with vitamin B, Indian gooseberry is also a good home remedy for angina pains. You can take it either in the powdered form or its juice is also quite effective for angina pain and heart attacks.

f.      Intake of about 400 IU of vitamin E on daily basis reduces the level of cholesterol. This vitamin is greatly useful to check angina pains and heart attacks.

g.     Avoid having excessive salt in your meals. It raises the level of blood pressure that is much responsible for angina pains.

h.    Use of ginger by adding it to salads and vegetables is quite useful to stay away from angina pains. It lowers the level of cholesterol.

i.       Intake of baked beans and legumes also reduce the risk of angina pains and heart attacks.

j.       Peanuts and their butter also help to reduce angina pains. They are much useful to check inflammation but boost the blood vessels for relief from angina pains.

k.    Use of bran cereal and tomatoes also checks angina pains.

l.       Angina pain attacks can be controlled by having coenzyme Q 10 with the advice of the doctor.

m.  Statin medicines help to lower the level of cholesterol.

n.    Low-dose aspirin is also quite useful to prevent heart attacks.

o.    Angina pains and heart attacks can be controlled with beta-blocker medicine.

p.    ACE, the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor medicine is also quite useful in certain cases.

Adequate quantity of water, simple exercises and foods are also much helpful in controlling Angina Pains. 

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