We often come across some people whose faces become red with anger as they are unable to control the same. Few of them sometimes strike their heads against the walls or they start abusing others for no solid reason. Such situations sometimes go beyond the control of the persons that are affected with anger because they do not find solutions to their problems. They should consult the physicians or talk to their friends for finding solutions to their problems. You can keep your calm by taking certain medications too but under the guidance of qualified doctors.

The following remedies and preventive steps can help the angry persons to great extent.

  • Prayer – Prayers to the almighty relieve you from tensions and anger too. Ask HIM to forgive you for your shortcomings by recognizing and accepting the same.
  • Changing the postures and topics also helps to reduce anger.
  • Do not expect too much from others otherwise you will be angry with them if they do not fulfill your expectations.
  • Have simple exercises and long breaths.
  • Note down the things that anger you and try to find solutions.
  • Do not ever hurt others and try to explain your concerns in a soft way rather than annoying them.
  • Always keep your cool and do not make any comment in a hurry. Do think before you utter anything to others.
  • Give some breaks to yourself by keeping quiet. This would work wonders and help you in controlling your anger. Taking timeouts is good to fight anger.
  • Use of ‘I’ statements is the best method to control anger and express your views about others rather than hurting them with angry tones.
  • Try to forgive the persons that have hurt or angered you. It will work wonders and enable you to forget their misdeeds that might have angered you at any time.
  • Humor – Refrain from sarcasm and use the art of humor to stay away from anger. Lightning up goes well with anger that can be checked by having laughter sessions.
  • Relaxation – Try the relaxation skills by remembering relaxing scenes, calming words or other skills that help you to control anger in an even manner. Physical activities also help to remain calm.
  • Try to find out solutions – Always focus on the solutions rather than concentrating on the mistakes of others and your own. Do not get crazy after petty issues and consult your family members to help you to solve the problems rather than engaging in altercations. Listen to others; they may also give good suggestions.
  • Learn to seek help from others rather than criticizing them now and then due to the old grudges. Anger against somebody can be controlled with mutual understanding and listening to one another rather than remaining at distance. 
  • Avoid eatables that are hot in nature. Intake of ice creams and other cold items also helps to control anger. Have sufficient water that also helps you to ease out anger.


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