Deficiency of vitamin B12, iron or folic acid is the major cause of Anemia that occurs due to lack of nutrients. Oxygen to different parts of the body is carried through the red blood cells. However, if their count goes down considerably it is the sign of anemia that attacks because of shortage of hemoglobin that is also responsible for transfer of oxygen to various parts of the human physique. Care should be taken to treat Anemia in the beginning stages itself. The doctor should be consulted and the requisite medications should be taken as per his or her advice.

The under mentioned home remedies can work wonders if the affected persons stick to them in a strict manner.

  • Beetroot/Apple Juice – Rich in iron and health components, apple is a nutritious fruit while beet contains folic acid, fiber and potassium. Both are good for health. You can take them by mixing one cup of apple juice, one cup of beetroot with one or two tsp of honey. Taking this mixture twice or thrice a day gives good results to say NO to Anemia and have sufficient quantity of red cells in the blood.
  • Spinach – Enriched with Vitamins B9, A & C and beta carotene, calcium, fiber and iron; Spinach can be taken after boiling it well. This green vegetable may be included as a salad. Its soup also benefits the patients that suffer from Anemia. Adding honey makes good taste.
  • Sesame Seeds – A paste prepared from sesame seeds by soaking the same in water and adding honey to it gives good results for benefiting from the problem of Anemia. Likewise it can be taken by soaking the seeds in milk.
  • Blackstrap Molasses – With the contents of vitamin B, iron and foliate, blackstrap molasses help to increase the number of red blood cells to fight anemia.
  • Pomegranate and Parsley – Enriched with fat, protein, fiber, carbohydrate, sugars, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, vitamins and folic acids; these two natural remedies are much useful to challenge anemia to great extent. 
  • Tomatoes – The contents of Vitamin C in the tomatoes help to absorb iron to defeat anemia.
  • Dates – The level of hemoglobin in the blood goes up considerably with the help of dates that are enriched with iron, copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium etc.
  • Wholegrain, Legumes and Nuts – Enriched with sufficient quantities of folic acid, iron and other vitamins; these three ingredients help to control anemia by increasing the red blood cells.
  • Raisins – Persons with reduced iron, fiber, protein, sodium, potassium or calcium are advised to have raisins that are able to control anemia to great extent.
  • Ash Gourd – Known as white gourd, winter melon, waxes gourd or winter gourd; this ingredient is rich in iron, minerals, thiamine, phosphorous, niacin, Vitamin C, and riboflavin etc. It helps to discourage anemia.
  • Bottle Gourd Soup – This soup also helps the patients to increase the number of red blood cells to check the effects of anemia.

Try the homemade wheat germ and yellow dock herbal decoction too and see the changes in your body as far as loss of red blood cells and effects of anemia are concerned. These two home remedies also give good results to fight anemia.

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