Known as genital warts or the venereal warts too; Anal Warts often occur due to sexually transmitted diseases because of HPV, i.e. human papillomavirus. Direct to direct skin-to-skin contact through genital, anal or oral sex with the infected partner leads to Anal Warts. They are generally found in the genital area, anal or around the external surfaces of the body. Looking like small stalks, these soft, flesh-colored gray bumps are small in size. They attack the affected areas with redness, itching, discomfort when they exist around the anus. They cause anxiety, distress and infection.

Persons affected with Anal Warts must seek the advice of the competent physicians apart from following the below mentioned preventive measures and remedies to get rid of them.

a. Avoid having sex with the persons that suffer from genital or anal warts. Safe sex habits should be formed to save yourself from being affected with anal warts that would harm your health greatly. Use of condom, limiting sex to single partner or sexual abstinence is the best way to say NO to Anal Warts. Care should be taken that your sexual partners are not affected with symptoms of anal warts.

b. ACV, Bio Oil and Vitamin B & C – A good combination of these ingredients can work wonders if you adopt this process on regular basis. There may be some burning in the beginning but it settles down soon.  You can apply the mixture with the help of cotton ball. The area should be dried up well. Use of tissues is advised to keep the affected area dry. Reoccurrence of anal warts can be prevented by using the ACV on frequent intervals.

c. Hemmorhoidal cream- This unique cream also gives effective results to get enough relief from Anal Warts that can be removed by applying it evenly on regular basis.

d. Imiquimod (Aldara) – This topical immune response cream is quite effective if it is applied in an even manner onto the affected area because of Anal Warts. It does not put any irritating effect.

e. Podophyllotoxin (also called podofilox) – The patient suffering from Anal Warts can get good relief by applying this cream on the affected areas. This standard and purified product provides fruitful results to say NO to Anal Wars. It must be applied on frequent intervals for few days.

f. Interferon – This is also one of the best remedies for treatment of anal warts.

g. Sinecatechins- This major remedial ointment works well to treat the Anal Warts by applying it on the affected areas. With its higher clearance rates as compared to other medications, it facilitates best results to get rid of the Anal Warts.

h. TCA, i.e. Trichloroacetic acid – Try this important medication for treatment of anal warts to get rid of them in a quick manner.

i. Imiquimod cream – This is also one of the best remedies for treating anal warts. Apply it onto the affected parts. It acts as an immune response modifier that helps to get relief from anal warts.

j. Liquid nitrogen – Destructing the anal warts with this chemical also helps the patients to great extent. This chemical is useful in burning the wart off. The warts can be eliminated through vaporization process.

Vitamins and minerals are the source of energy and they should be included in your daily foods. Strengthen your immune system by taking fresh fruits, green vegetables and sufficient water to remain fit and remain safe from Anal Warts, the dangerous ailment.


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