Many people often complain of Anal Soreness known as anal discomfort or pain. Such problems occur mainly due to hemorrhoids. The anal canal is enveloped by the blood vessels that facilitate seal of the anus which helps to prevent inadvertent stool passage or gas. With the enlargement of hemorrhoids and inflammation of the structures, the affected persons may feel like to pass stool and there may be bleeding in the hemorrhoids. The patients may be affected with burning, itching and frequent bowel movements. Many persons get involved in proctitis due to infections. Cleanliness is all the more important for the persons that suffer from this harmful disease.

Different medications including the home remedies and following preventive measures are useful to get relief from Anal Soreness.

a.     Corn Starch – Known as Magic Powder too, this home remedy is a good method to get sufficient relief from Anal Discomfort.

b.    Vaseline – Apply Vaseline on the affected area by mixing it with baby powder to get best results.

c.     Wheat Germ Oil is the suitable treatment to get relief from Anal Soreness that puts the patients to great inconvenience.

d.    Pain due to anal soreness can be got rid of by applying aloe compress on the anus.

e.     Application of petroleum jelly into the rectum is the best method of lubrication and treatment of anal soreness.

f.      Anal discomfort can be reduced greatly with warm bath.

g.     Baby powder may be used to keep the affected area dry.

h.    Preventive measures should be taken to avoid diarrhea as the watery stools aggravate the problem.

i.       Refrain from scratching as it may add to your problems of anal soreness. As such avoid keeping long nails.

j.       Maintain your weight as overweight leads to sweat between the buttocks thereby inviting anal soreness in a big way.

k.    Creams with vitamin A and D work wonders to get relief from Anal Soreness.

l.       Use of rough, colored and scented toilet papers should be avoided as they lead to irritation. Facial tissues may be used to clean the bottom.

m.  Use of pillow for the persons suffering from anal soreness is much useful when they sit. Doughnut-shaped and liquid-filled pillows are suitable for the patients of anal soreness.

n.    Calendula balm is also quite effective to treat anal soreness. Plantain infusion, aloe vera gel or wort oil also provides quick relief from this problem.

o.    Intake of nettle juice enables easy bowel movement and freedom from anal soreness. One teaspoon taken thrice a day works well.

p.    Balanced diets equipped with rich vitamins and minerals go a long way to get relieved form anal soreness problems. Whole grain, green vegetables and fresh fruits are much useful for anal soreness. They must take sufficient quantity of fresh water in a day.

Simple exercises, yoga, long walks and other physical activities also help to get relief form anal soreness. Adopting healthy and clean living habits too help to get relief from anal discomfort that is a dangerous ailment which causes inconvenience and pain too.


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