Known as acrochordon in medical terms, Anal Skin Tags resemble to the ordinary skin tags that form in the shape of small flaps of skin. The Anal Skin Tags occur around the anal verge or at the place where the outside skin joins the anal cavity. These tags are the result of hemorrhoids, anal fissures or different rectal surgeries or rectal problems. Hard stools also lead to Anal Skin Tags. Though not much harmful, the Anal Skin Tags may attack with itching or pain. They can aggravate buildup of bacteria too that may infect the anus and the adjoining skin.

Anal Skin Tags can be got rid of with different suitable medications apart from the preventive steps and home remedies listed as under.

a.    Nutritious diets – Good food enriched with vitamins, minerals and natural fiber keeps you fit in all respects and saves you from this disease. Take sufficient water and avoid soda etc.

b.    Aloe Vera – Make it a practice to massage little aloe vera juice onto the skin tags to eliminate them.

c.     Aspirin – The anal skin tags can be checked by applying the solution of aspirin with water.

d.    Apple Cider Vinegar – Apply it with the help of a cotton ball to remove the anal skin tags by repeating the process for about one month or so.

e.     Banana Peel – The anal skin tags may be covered with the banana peel. This may be repeated till the tags disappear fully.

f.      Baking Soda and Castor Oil – Thick paste prepared by mixing these two ingredients work well to get rid of the anal skin tags by applying it on them for few days.

g.     Dandelion Root – Applying the juice of this natural herb for few days scrapes off the lesion in full.

h.    Duct Tape – Anal skin tags can be removed effectively by sticking this tape onto them for few days.

i.       Fenugreek – Intake of water by soaking few fenugreek seeds in it gives best results to say NO to Anal Skin Tags if the process is repeated for few days.

j.       Ginger and Garlic – Applying raw ginger and garlic juice gives fruitful results to get rid of the Anal Skin Tags in a permanent manner.

k.    Lemon/Pineapple/Vegetable Juice – The anal skin tags can be removed by applying these juices with a cotton ball on to them for few days.

l.       Nail Polish – Looks amazing but true, apply it on the skin tags for few days and let them dry up. They will disappear in full.

m.  Onion Juice – Extract the onion juice by cutting its piece and putting some salt on it. Apply it for few days on the anal skin tags to get permanent relief.

n.    Oils – Application of the mixture of oregano, sesame and basil essential oils on the anal skin tags helps to remove them by repeating the process for few days. Same is true with the avocado and lime essential oils too. Likewise the tea tree oil also helps greatly to remove the anal skin tags.

o.    Potato – It is the best home remedy to get rid of the anal skin tags by placing its slice onto them.

p.    Tying off – The anal skin tags can be removed by tying thin thread around them and cutting the same with the help of scissors or nail cutter. Antibacterial cream must be applied on the place.

q.    Vitamin E Capsules - These capsules help to remove the anal skin tags by pressing and rubbing the same onto them for some time. 


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