Also popular as Pruritus Ani in the medical terms, Anal Itching occurs due to irritation of the skin because of accumulation of fecal matter around the anus. It often takes place due to unhygienic and unclean living. It attacks the persons that suffer from unpleasant hemorrhoids. Children are mostly exposed to this problem because of their inability to clean their bodies themselves. The youngsters suffering from this problem often complain of irritation, redness, burning and soreness of the skin around their anus. The problem starts after bowel movements and gets aggravated due to other activities including harsh walking, biking and sitting down in wrong postures for prolonged periods.

Different medications including the allopathic ones are administered to the young ones to save them from this problem. However, the following preventive steps and home remedies are suggested as they do not put any adverse effects upon the children.

Total cleanliness – The parents should ensure that their children remain clean in all respects. Care must be taken to see that their private parts remain dry and clear all the times. Problem of itchy anus should be resolved by cleaning it with soap and water as regards the children. Dry cotton balls or soft towels must be used to dry up the area rather than wiping it with dry tissue.

Comfortable undergarments – It is recommended that the children are clothed in comfortable manners. They should not wear tight underwear or pant as it results in more sweat thereby smelling the private parts of the children. It can lead to anal itching.

Prevention from sun rays – The children should be advised to refrain from hot sun as it also leads to sweating in the private parts thereby resulting anal itching problems.

Avoid scratching – The parents should ensure that their wards do not scratch the affected area due to anal itching. It can result in infection and worsen the situation. 

Moistened wipes – The children affected with anal itching problems should be facilitated with moistened wipes.

Cotton underwear – The children must be given underwear made from cotton instead of the ones made from other stuffs.

Cotton pieces – Keeping small pieces of cotton between the underwear and the anus of the children can save them from the inconvenience due to fecal leakages. The cotton must be changed frequently to avoid wetness and other problems.

Comfy creams – Soft and comfortable creams with the contents of zinc oxide and hydrocortisone also soothe the problems of anal itching as regards the children. Be advised to use them with the advice of qualified doctor.

Healthy diets – The children must be given good nutritious foods that are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Fruits, green vegetables and milk etc are good for the children.

Regular bathing – The children should be advised to have regular baths that enable them to keep their anal area clean by using soap and water. It should be dried up completely.

Cleanliness, comfortable clothing, healthy foods and other preventive steps can save the children from Anal Itching and its adverse effects. 

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