Also popular as Pruritus Ani in the medical world, Anal Itching occurs most commonly in the men that suffer greatly due to this ailment. It exists near and around the anus that is the opening point for the bowels. Though no specific cause may be recognized but profuse sweating, skin problems, diabetes,hemorrhoids or dietary factors may be responsible for this disease that is the result of skin irritation too. Patients facing this problem often complain of itching after bowel movement and at night. The anal may suffer from rash and breakdown of skin or weeping discharge too. The skin sores and becomes irritated and red.

Anal Itching can be cured with hydrocortisone cream, anti-parasitic pills or other popular treatments. The following home remedies and steps prove more useful to treat the disease in a feasible manner.

  • Make use of the Corticoid lotions or creams that prove quite effective for short periods.

  • “-caine” creams available for topical relief should be avoided as they can inflame the soft skin rather than giving any relief.
  • Avoid – printed / scented toilet paper, known food irritants and tight-fitting underwear. Panty hoses should also be avoided. Cotton underwear is more suitable for the patients of Anal Itching rather than using the synthetic ones.
  • Stay away from chemicals, perfumes or dyes that invite itching.
  • Refrain from scratching the affected area as it may lead to enhanced irritation and infection.
  • Activities causing excessive perspiration should be discouraged. Long bike rides should also be avoided till you are relieved of this problem in complete.
  • Proper cleaning – Regular use of premoistened wipes is recommended for the persons that suffer from Anal Itching problems. The anal area should be washed in an even manner. Use of toilet, bath or shower with soap and water gives best results. Be careful to rinse in a feasible way and pat the area dry by using cotton ball or soft towel.
  • While going away from home, do not forget to take some premoistened and well packaged wipes if you happen to be attacked with the problem.
  • Use of small cotton pad saves the patients from anal openings and it can be used frequently to manage leakages.
  • Regular bathing is a must so that the anal area is washed, preferably with water. It should be dried up completely.
  • Tissues moistened with mineral or vegetable oils are most suited for Anal Itching problem. They should be used after bowel movements. Toilet tissues duly moistened and lightly soaped are also recommended for the persons suffering from Anal Itching. The area should be rinsed with plain wet tissue and dried up.
  • Excessive sweating may invite more itching, hence the anal area should be dried up after excessive sweating.
  • Healthy foods with sufficient fiber including vegetables, fruits and cereals are much effective in getting rid of Anal Itching. They contain rich minerals and vitamins that help to soothe irritation. Orange juice, prunes, figs and other gentle items are also helpful for this ailment. Avoid taking spicy foods, dairy products, chocolate or caffeine that may aggravate the problem.

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