Anal abscess may be termed as accumulation of pus around the anus that starts paining. It occurs due to the infection in the small anal glands. If you feel it may be warm to touch. Its color is red and it occurs in deeper tissue. Sexually transmitted infections, blocked anal glands and infection in the anal fissure lead to Anal Abscess.  The symptoms of Anal Abscess include constant pain, throbbing, irritation around the skin, redness, tenderness and swelling, discharge of pus and constipation etc. Persons suffering from this disease may also be attacked with Chills, Fever or Malaise. Use of antibiotics may be useful for this problem. Anal Abscess could be cured with drainage or surgical incision. However drainage may lead to fistula, the serious complication that requires surgery.

Certain steps to prevent Anal Abscess and the home remedies listed below may prove greatly helpful to stay away from this disease.

a.     Anal Abscess can be prevented by using condoms when going in for sexual intercourse, e.g. the anal intercourse. The children could be saved from this dangerous disease by changing their diapers at frequent intervals. This would help in preventing perianal abscesses and fissures.

b.    Tea Tree Oil – Application of this unique oil helps in draining out the anal abscess in an automatic manner. The patient can get rid of this disease quickly by applying the tree oil on the affected part in an even manner.

c.     Mixture of Tea Tree Oil and Turmeric – Applying the mixture of these two ingredients helps in releasing the pus from the anal abscess in a quick manner. Just make a paste of these items and apply the same on the anal abscess and see the result yourself. Applying this paste can help the patients to say NO to the anal abscesses regardless of their sizes that may be so big. Less in cost and painless, this method works well for treating anal abscesses.

d.    Epsom Salt – This unique home remedy can also help the patients of Anal Abscesses to get quick relief. It may be applied directly in an even manner on the affected area. Using this salt on a large band aid gives best results to get enough relief from Anal Abscess. 

e.     Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar – Mixture of these two unique ingredients can help the persons suffering from Anal Abscesses to great extent. An even application of the stuff prepared by mixing these two things and applying the same on Anal Abscesses helps to drain out the same without any pain.

f.      Persons affected with Anal Abscesses should refrain from unnatural or unsafe sex with unknown persons. They should take preventive measures to stay clean and healthy because cleanliness is a must to ensure healthy physique.

g.     Rich foods equipped with minerals, vitamins and iron should be taken on regular basis. Intake of fresh fruits, green vegetables, sufficient water and other nutrients is a must to stay away from Anal Abscesses. Junk or other harmful eatables must be avoided.  


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