Amalki Rasayan

Amalki Rasayan

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Amalki Rasayan

Rich in Amla, which is a natural source of Vitamin C, Divya Patanjali Amalki Rasayan is in fact a wonderful or you can say magical formula which helps in treatment of multiple health disorders such as those associated with eyes, immune system and digestive system. This single herb is apt in multiple tasks as far as health of human body is concerned. It is in-fact the best anti-ageing herb or ingredient. Divya Patanjali Amalki Rasayan is full of nutritional values which all support healthy body and mind. Apart from Vitamin C, Amla is also a rich source of Iron, Calcium, protein, and Vitamin A. That is the reason it is beneficial for the overall health of human body in numbers of ways.

How is Divya Patanjali Amalki Rasayan prepared?

As the name suggests, Amla is the chief constituents or active ingredients in this herbal preparation. It is made to undergo various medical processes so as to get the desired product.

Mode of administration of Divya Patanjali Amalki Rasayan

It is suggested to take a teaspoon of this rasayan on an empty stomach in the morning with lukewarm water to get rid of various health problems.

Chief benefits of using Divya Patanjali Amalki Rasayan

  • Amalki Rasayan is quite beneficial for the immune system. It helps in improving overall immunity of the body so that it may remain in healthy condition by fighting against various infectious diseases. It helps in protecting the body against health problems which are caused due to seasonal changes.
  • Amalki Rasayan is rich in anti-oxidant properties as well. It is beneficial for almost all the parts, organs or systems of the body.
  • Amalki Rasayan improves eye-sight. It is due to abundance of Vitamin A in this herbal preparation. It even provides protection to the eyes against various infections caused due to dust, dirt and pollution.
  • Amalki Rasayan also promotes good health of the skin as it helps in purification of the blood. As a result, various skin diseases or disorders are prevented automatically.
  • Amalki Rasayan is good for digestive system as well. It normalizes the bowel movements and the peristaltic movements. It aids in removal of waste materials and hence keeps digestive system functional.
  • Amalki Rasayan is also good for those who suffer from acidity, heartburn or constipation. All these conditions are caused due to poor digestion and accumulation of the waste materials or toxic substances in the body.
  • Amalki Rasayan is one of the best known anti-ageing formulas. It helps in dealing with various health disorders or problems relevant to age of the person. It is due to promotion of regeneration of new and healthy cells replacing the old and damaged cells.
  • Amalki Rasayan is also helpful in losing weight. It acts on the metabolism in a positive manner and paces it up which in turn increases consumption of calories and hence reduces obesity or excessive weight automatically. 
  • Amalki Rasayan is good for lungs as well. It is efficient in providing great relief from the condition of asthma and other respiratory problems.   

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