Amalaki Pack of 2

Amalaki Pack of 2

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Ensure overall health with Amalaki Capsules

Amalaki is a great herbal product by Himalaya herbals and is rich in antioxidant properties. Due to this reason, it helps in keeping body healthy in multiple ways by acting on different organs of the body. It is equally effective on almost all organs or parts of body such as liver, skin, heart, kidneys and many more. To keep body in fit and proper working condition, it is important that all organs and parts must work properly without experiencing any type of problems. And it is possible only when body is supplied with all the nutrients required for different parts and organs of the body as well as removal of wastes from it. Amalaki is apt in accomplishing this task well. It is due to completely organic and herbal nature of the product.

Major Ingredients contained in the Amalaki

As the name signifies, Amalaki is mainly composed of Amla or Indian gooseberry. Its botanical name is Emblica Officinalis. Due to its rich antioxidant properties and ability to treat numerous problems relevant to human body, Indian Gooseberry is considered to be an auspicious fruit and is worshipped as well. It is rich in Vitamin C, amino acids and minerals.  Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it helps in delaying premature ageing process thereby ensuring good heath of a person.

Additionally, Amalaki also contains tannins, ellagic acids and Gallic in high quantities. Due to this reason, it helps in enhancing immunity of a person in a natural way. It also rejuvenates skin and fights with hyperacidity as well.

Benefits of using Amalaki

As stated above, Amalaki is rich in anti-oxidant properties and helps in removing free radicals from the body which are major causes for premature ageing process. These free radicals which are basically ions formed of oxygen are primarily responsible for premature ageing. Amalaki helps in removal of these free radicals from the body and at the same time triggers prevention of the same.

Amalaki has positive effects on the health of skin as well. Since it is a rich source of various nutrients including Vitamins and minerals therefore it provides deep nourishment to the skin cells. The process of regeneration of skin cells is also paced up by the Amalaki. It also provides energy to the skin cells to ensure their proper functioning and growth. It even improves skin tone.

The good health of liver is assured by regular use of Amalaki as it optimizes liver functions. Amalaki also helps in protecting liver from cellular damage. It ensures supply of pure blood to all organs of body by removal of unwanted and waste materials from it. This in turn proves to be beneficial for the liver as well as heart.

Amalaki also acts as a strong immune-modulator. It boosts up immunity of the body thereby making it capable of fighting against numbers of diseases. It keeps respiratory tract and the entire system protected from infections due to high immunity of the body aided by its regular use.

Amalaki has positive effects on the health of stomach as well. It is considered to be an efficient gastro-protective. It has a soothing effect on the stomach and relieves some discomforting conditions of the body easily such as hyperacidity, pain or irritation in the stomach.

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