Named for the German doctor Dr. Alois Alzheimer Alzheimer’s disease may be referred to as the degenerative neurological disorder or deterioration of the mental condition. Persons suffering from this harmful ailment are usually unable to function properly due to the adverse effects upon their memory and mental abilities. This usual type of dementia or fall in the intellectual functions of the humans usually occurs due to nutritional deficiencies or shortage of vitamins. Certain preventive steps and home remedies can help the patients to show signs of improvements as compared to the ordinary types of medicines.

a.     Intake of 100-200 mg of Gingko Biloba extract thrice a day helps to improve the mental functioning of the humans that start to socialize with others.

b.    Qian Ceng – This natural herb from China is quite useful to increase the level of memory to great extent. People that use this medicine are able to show improvements as regards the memory retention, language ability and clear-headedness etc. It helps to maintain healthy memory functions and learning too.

c.     Valerian root – People with disordered sleep patterns are advised to take this home remedy.

d.    Balanced diet – Eatables with natural ingredients and supplements are the source of energy and memory. Always take nutritious foods.

e.     Liquid aged garlic extract – It is quite useful to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease. May be taken on regular basis for improvement of memory.

f.      Vitamin B12 and Folate – These two home remedies help to reduce homocysteine, the chemical that enhances the disease greatly. Added with cereal products like bananas, avocados, asparagus, oranges and green leafy vegetables etc, it helps to strengthen the level of memory.

g.     Balm and sage – Balm helps in simulating the neurological receptors while sage is equipped with compounds that are cholinesterase inhibitors.

h.    Vitamin E – Eatables and liquids containing this vitamin are much helpful in slowing the progression of this disease to great extent.

i.       It is recommended that use of cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods should be avoided as they aggravate this disease.

j.       Contact with metal pollutants including mercury and aluminum should also be prevented to stay away from this harmful disease.

k.    Almonds are good for the people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. They can take the same by soaking few almonds in water in the night, peeling off their skin the next morning and eating empty stomach. Repetition of this process for three or four months improves the memory level of the patients to great extent.

l.       Put some drops of Peppermint oil in lemon juice and add the mixture in hot water. Inhaling the fumes soothes the patients.

m.   Putting sesame oil in the nostrils twice a day gives good results. The oil could be applied on the feet and forehead.

n.    Carrots, sweet potatoes, fish and turmeric are much useful for this harmful ailment.

o.    Brain should be put to simple exercises like Crossword or Puzzles.

The above few home remedies and the preventive steps can work wonders for the patients affected with Alzheimer’s disease.


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