Active Fresh Gel (Pack of 2)

Active Fresh Gel (Pack of 2)

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Active Fresh Gel

Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste is a great dental care product which lets you start you morning in a completely refreshed manner. It keeps your dental parts in good health and also offers a fresh feeling to the mouth which lasts for the entire day.  It is apt in dealing with the problem of foul smell coming from the mouth caused due to any reasons. It may be used regularly to have shining and healthy teeth.

Dental problems are perhaps the worst of all as these are quite painful and irritating too. Also dental problems may lead to problems in the stomach also. It is due to the reason that any problems in the oral parts of the mouth leads to contamination of the foods which passes through mouth to the digestive system. But Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste is apt in dealing with all these problems as it contains all the ingredients which are good for overall health of the teeth and gums.

How is Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste prepared?

This wonderful herbal formula has been prepared from an amalgamation of different natural or herbal ingredients. It contains Fennel, Menthol, Indian Dil, Cardamom, Miswak, Clove and Menthol. Every ingredient has its individual benefits for the health of the teeth and other oral parts.

Method of use

Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste may be used similar to other normal toothpastes. Use it two times in a day so as to get rid of all types of dental problems.

Benefits offered by the Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste

Long lasting freshness to the mouth- Due to presence of multiple ingredients such as menthol and Indian Dil in this wonderful tooth care formula, it offers a long lasting freshness to the mouth. It helps in clearance or removal of all the unwanted food particles from the mouth. Also growth of microbes is prohibited which in turn helps in keeping your breath fresh at all the times. 

Complete freedom from dental problems caused due to microbes- Fennel which is an active ingredient in this herbal toothpaste is rich in antimicrobial properties. It is due to presence of terpenes in it. As a result, the mouth or dental parts are protected against the attack of microbes.

Good for gums- Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste is also beneficial for gums. It helps in tightening of the gums which in turn keeps teeth protected against any injuries. It also helps in providing relief from inflammation, pain or bleeding from gums.

Prevents dental plaque- Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste is capable of inhibiting the formation of dental plaque as it is rich in Miswak. Consequently, the decay or damage to the teeth is also prevented. It also offers strength to the gums.

Relief from toothache- Himalaya’s Active Fresh Gel toothpaste is also helpful in relieving toothache. It is due to analgesic properties contained in it. The teeth or gums are also healed at a rapid pace due to antiseptic and astringent action exhibited by this oral care product.  

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