All of us desire that the people around us are impressed with our external appearance for which our skin plays an important role. However, some unfortunate persons are affected with Acne that harms the skin greatly. Known as the disease of follicles of the hair, face, chest or back; Acne results in whiteheads, blackheads, zits or pimples and occluded pores that damage the skin. The problem could be aggravated due to the side effects of many allopathic medicines, poor hygienic conditions and exposure to damaging elements like cutting oils etc. Wearing helmets or chin straps also sometimes leads to Acne.

Many types of medications and preventive measures are adopted by the persons suffering from Acne. They should try the following home remedies too and see the fruitful results.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar – Equipped with the Lactic and Malic acids, this natural treatment helps to regulate the pH of the skin. The skin is softened and exfoliated with this ingredient. It can be used on the face by diluting it with water.
  2. Cucumber – With sufficient quantity of water, cucumber is able to remove the dead cells of the skin and cleans it in an even manner. It removes the extra oil too. You can use it as a face wash and moisturize the skin.
  3. Garlic – The contents of calcium, zinc, sulphur and allicin in the Garlic enables it to act as an antibiotic. Its antifungal properties help to clean the skin evenly. Add some cloves to garlic by crushing them and apply the paste to the Acne affected areas.
  4. Honey and Cinnamon – Acne can be reduced greatly with Honey that kills bacteria. The anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties of cinnamon also prove useful for treating Acne. An apt mixture of these two ingredients goes a long way to eliminate the effects of Acne related problems.
  5. Lemon Juice – Equipped with Vitamin C and acid, Lemon Juice is much fruitful to get relief form Acne. The pimples get dried up by applying the juice on the problem areas with a cotton ball.
  6. Olive Oil – This natural treatment is much helpful to treat scars. It helps to rejuvenate the skin. Mixture of salt and olive oil proves much useful for better results.
  7. Potato – Vitamins B and C, the contents of potatoes help to regeneration of skin cells. The skin gets lightened with niacin that is quite effective. Shredded raw potatoes are much helpful for Acne related problems. Potatoes brighten the skin and prevent form wrinkles.
  8. Tomatoes – Acne gets dried up with the acidity when we use tomatoes. Vitamins A, C and K; the major contents of tomatoes also help to reduce the effects of Acne. Tomatoes help us to have bright skin. These natural products can be used as facial mask too.

The abovementioned home remedies are free from any side effects. They save us from Acne related problems because of the contents of rich vitamins and minerals in them. That’s why people across the globe now prefer the natural treatments rather than sticking to other types of medications that often result in harmful side effects.


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