Acne refers to the disease of the follicles of the hair, chest, face and back. It puts adverse effects upon the body. Anybody could be affected with this particular ailment except for the people or tribes residing separately from others. Though bacteria are not directly responsible for this disease yet its role cannot just be ignored for the growth of acne. Women in their twenties are often affected with acne.

Acne affects the skin as follows –

  • Known as blackheads or whiteheads, occluded pores appear on the affected parts.
  • Deep pimples or boils known as cysts.
  • Zits or pimples, i.e. the tender red bumps.
  • Pustules.

Causes –Though many cases of acne are not affected with drugs yet many medicines containing bromides, iodides or oral/injected steroids may aggravate the problem of acne. Anticonvulsant medications including lithium (lithobid and eskalith) may also increase the level of acne.

Exposure to harmful elements like cutting oils or other damaging components in the work places are also responsible for acne related problems.

Acne can develop greatly because of pressure from chin straps, helmets, suspenders, collars and other unfavorable things.

Cosmetic products – Some skin-care and cosmetic products are also responsible for acne related problems. As such it is advised that the users must be careful about the components of these products and beware of the same while choosing them. The water-based products are recommended for use by all.

Acne exists at the time when the sebaceous glands linked with the hair follicles get stimulated during puberty through circulation of the male hormones. The skin is protected with sebum. There is a change as far as oil production is concerned. The skin cells predispose them to clog the follicular pore. The clog could turn into a whitehead if it is sheltered with the help of the thin layer or kept open in the air. Its darker and exposed portion is known as blackhead. There is considerable growth of the plugged hair follicle that produces a bump. Inflammation adjacent to the surface of the skin results in a pustule while the enhanced inflammation leads to papule or pimple. Stronger inflammation results in a cyst.

Treatment – Following steps and preventive measures are greatly helpful in controlling acne related problems:

  • First of all consult your physician for necessary advice and apt medication.
  • Go in for the cosmetic products that do not contain harmful elements.
  • Avoid taking the allopathic medicines that often leave you with side effects. Go in for the herbal medicines to get rid of this problem as these medications do not contain any harmful contents.
  • Take food that contains fiber as it is much useful to control acne related problems.
  • Do not ever take junk or hard food.
  • Avoid taking drinks or smoking.
  • Likewise stay away from excessive use of coffee or tea.
  • Chocolates, pizza, greasy or fried foods should be avoided.
  • Take green vegetables and fruits in considerable quantities.
  • Try to avoid tension or worries that also invite many problems including acne too.
  • Stay away from dirt or other filthy things.

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