Acidity refers to the disease that affects the human beings because of their wrong habits of eating and not having sufficient exercises. Known as acid dyspepsia too, this problem affects the persons residing in the urban areas more than those in the rural areas. It is because of the fact the urbanites do not engage themselves in much hard work that is a must for proper digestion of our food. Acidity if not cured in the starting stage itself can create complications that often put adverse effects. It is worth noting that all pains of the stomach do not occur because of acidity. There could be other reasons too.

Symptoms of acidity –

a.     Heartburn – Persons affected with acidity often complain of heartburns.

b.    Restlessness – Acidity affects the patients that feel restless.

c.     Vomiting like feelings – Acidity often affects the persons that feel like vomiting and are affected with nausea.

d.    Acidity leads to stiffness too in many cases. The persons have the desire for some special foods.

e.     Persons suffering from acidity often complain of severe constipation and indigestion problems.

f.      Acidity patients suffer from sour belching that often occurs with the taste of the food taken by them.

Causes –

a.     Sweets and spices.

b.    Oily food or the food with excessive salt.

c.     Food with elements of hydrochloric acid.

d.    Pressure on the mind, worries and tension also enhance the level of acidity.

e.     Excessive acid takes place if the person goes to sleep immediately after food.

f.      Persons that do not have sufficient physical exercises or other activities that involve hard work are also challenged with acidity.

g.     Smoking, alcohol and drugs etc put acidic effects upon the body.

h.    Same is true with excessive use of coffee or tea.

i.       Allopathic medicines including pain killers and aspirin enhance the level of acidity in our bodies.

j.       The digestive system must be protected carefully from the acidic effects that occur because of sickness linked with the alimentary canal or the organs that are directly connected with the digestive organs.

Treatment –

Acidity can be controlled effectively with the following steps and medications:

a.     Sufficient hard work would be much helpful in keeping fit and free from acidic effects. Those who do not work physically must adopt simple exercises or long walks. Yoga exercises are the best.

b.    One or two tender coconuts with thin layer of its solid are quite useful to control acidic problems.

c.     Fresh green coriander (dhania) and ginger pieces help greatly to control acidity.

d.    Pudina (spearmint) leaves boiled in water are the best home remedy for acidic problems.

e.     Asafoetida boiled in hot water and taken the same day is also quite effective.

f.      Heavy food must be restricted.

g.     Avoid taking drinks and smoking habits.

h.    Sour food contains acid contents. Hard food also invites acidity and it must be avoided.

i.       Pulses that result in heat in the stomach should be taken in minimum quantity.

j.       Overcooked food is also not advised as it increases the level of acidity.

k.    Stay away from any tension and go in for meditation twice or thrice a day to keep your mind and physique in order.



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