Eyes, the most integral organ of our physique enable us to see this beautiful world. People with aching eyes suffer from acute headaches, nausea, vomiting, mild sensitivity and thick colored discharge starts flowing out of their eyes. They become red and the patients suffer from itchiness and tearing. The vision also goes down considerably. Several causes lead to pain in the eyes. Moisturizing over the eyes, scratches in the cornea, conjunctiva, infections, inflammation, foreign elements, stye, bleharitis and iritis or uveitis are the major causes of aching eyes that must be protected with suitable medications and preventive measures.

Different treatments including the risk free home remedies relieve from eye pains.

a.     Apple Cider Vinegar – Clean your eyes with a mixture of pure apple cider vinegar and water with a cotton ball. Malic acid contained in the apple cider vinegar helps to discourage infection of the bacteria.

b.     Aloe Vera Juice – Mix aloe vera juice with cold water after freezing it. Apply it onto your eyes with a cotton ball to get relief to the eyes.

c.     Artificial Tears – Lubricate your eyes with the artificial tears on frequent intervals. Table salt mixed into distilled water also relieves from aching eyes.

d.     Baking Soda – Dip your eyes in the mixture of baking soda and water for a considerable time.

e.     Cold Bread – Inflammation, itchiness and irritation of the eyes can be got rid of by placing cold bread on the eyelids.

f.      Cucumber – Place two slices of cucumber on the closed eyelids for about ten minutes after dipping them in cold water. This will soothe the eyes.

g.     Chilling spoons – Make the metal spoons to get chilled in ice water and place them one by one on the eyes. It will calm down itchiness and pains.

h.     Castor Oil – This oil also gives much relief to the eyes by reducing itchiness and redness.

i.      Cold Compress –Placing the ice cubes or ice packs wrapped in ice also relieve the patients from eye pains.

j.      Chamomile – Dried chamomile flowers added to boiled water help in getting relief from pain in the eyes.

k.     Frozen vegetables – Place the frozen vegetables on the closed eyes by wrapping them in a thin cloth.

l.      Goldenseal – Eye drops prepared with this herb mixed into hot water work well to get rid of pain.

m.    Potato – Inflammation in the eyes can be reduced to great extent with the potatoes or its poultice.

n.     Rose Water – Place cotton ball after soaking the same in rose water or just put it in the eyes. Burning in the eyes goes down quickly with this major home remedy.

o.     Tea Bags – Inflammation in the eyes can be reduced by putting black teabag on the paining eyes. The bioflavonoids in the tea give relief from itching.

p.     Witch Hazel – Equipped with the astringent properties, this soothing ingredient helps in reducing inflammation. Use it with cotton balls or gauze pad.

q.     Honey and Warm milk – Prepare a mixture of these two items and put the same into your eyes with eyedropper. Repeat it on frequent intervals.

Intake of sufficient water, extra fluids and fresh vegetables & fruits help in soothing the eyes from itchiness, redness and other adverse effects. 

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