People often suffer from small swellings on the skin, known as boils that occur due to infection. Bacteria, protein and white blood cells jointly form pus that gets filled in the boils. A group of boils merge together and result in deep abscesses. Boils or abscesses usually occur on the scalp, head, breast, back, groin, buttocks, underarms, face and other parts of the body. Boils affect the skin with itchy, red and painful lumps. Abscesses or the boils occur due to foreign materials, ingrown hair, cut or scrape in the skin, unhealthy living or disordered immune system.

Appropriate treatment including the following home remedies in natural ways is quite effective in getting rid of the boils or abscesses.

a.     Warm Soaking - Soaking of the boils with warm water five or six times a day helps greatly to get relief from boils. Adding salt to the hot water and putting thin piece of potato on the boil after soaking it gives best results.

b.    Tea Tree Oil - Application of one drop of tea tree oil is highly useful. Be warned not to take this oil internally.

c.     Castor Oil - Put a cotton ball with few drops of castor oil on the boil. The toxins will automatically come out of the boil.

d.    Turmeric and Ginger - A paste prepared from turmeric and ginger works better to get relief from boils or abscesses by applying the same on the affected areas.

e.     Milk – Applying the mixture of salt, flour or some bread crumbles in the hot milk is the best home remedy to say NO to abscesses or the boils. Adding turmeric or vinegar powder in the milk cream and applying directly on the boils also help greatly.

f.      Egg - Applying the white part of the egg on the boils or abscesses after boiling and wetting it helps much. The boils must be covered with clean cloth.

g.     Onion – Equipped with the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties; onion is quite useful for boils or the abscesses. Put thick slice of onion directly on the boils; wrap it with a cloth to enable the boil to drain out easily.

h.    Corn Meal – Mixed in hot water it may be applied on the boil. Wrap it with a cloth. Repeat the process till the pus comes out.

i.       Cumin Seeds – A paste of the cumin seeds applied directly on the boils or the abscesses helps in getting relief.

j.       Parsley leaves – Make a bandage of these leaves by wrapping them in a clean cloth. Wrap the boils or the abscess in this bandage so that it drains out without infection.

k.    Neem, i.e. Indian Lilac – With the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, this Indian herb is quite useful for treatment of abscesses or the boils. The Neem paste is much beneficial.

l.       Bread Poultice – Slice of bread soaked in warm milk or water if put on the boils gives much relief from the boils or the abscesses that disappear if it is repeated twice in a day.

Many other home remedies including Basil Leaves (Tulsi), Asafoetida (Hing), Jelly Jar, Black Seed (Kalaunji), Bacon, Garlic, Echinacea, Poke Root Tea, Pasque Flower, Nutmeg (Jaiphal), Eucalyptus Oil, Epson Salt or Marshmallow etc are also the best home remedies for abscesses or the boils.

Sufficient water and use of green vegetables & fresh fruits also help greatly to stay away from boils. Same is true with good hygienic habits that prevent boils or abscesses to occur. 

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