All parts of our body need to be protected from any damages that not only put us to physical problems but also deter our day to day activities in a big way. Any problem related with our teeth also makes us to suffer from pain and the related inconveniences. We are unable to eat properly and the beauty of our teeth also goes away due to such teeth problems.

Tooth abscess relates to the accumulation of pus because of the bacterial infection that gets collected in the center of the tooth. It deteriorates the tooth because of some reasons, e.g. any shock or the tooth may be chipped or broken. The bacteria infect the centre of the tooth, i.e. the pulp and the infection expands from the tooth root to the bones that support the tooth. Pus gets accumulated and it results in swelling of the tooth from inside. It leads to pain and sometimes acute toothache. 

Symptoms of Tooth Abscess

a.    Acute toothache that continues for long. It is throbbing and sharp.

b.   The mouth gives a bitter taste.

c.    Uneasiness, usual discomfort and ill feelings.

d.   Pain while chewing.

e.    Fever.

f.     Anything cold or hot affects the tooth in a serious manner.

g.   The gum over the infected tooth gets swelled and it looks like a pimple.

h.   The glands of the neck become swollen.

i.      The lower or the upper jaw also gets swollen that are too painful.

Treatment –

It is recommended that the dentist is consulted if you happen to suffer from the abscessed tooth. He or she will check your teeth, gums and the mouth by tapping the tooth. An x-ray of the teeth   will be conducted by the dentist to to determine the particular tooth or teeth that give you trouble.

After examining the teeth with the help of the x-rays, the dentist will advise the patient to take proper medicines to save the tooth from infection and other diseases. Often the infection is fought by administering antibiotics. Abscess may be drained by removing or with the help of surgery if there is severe infection. Hospitalization may also be required for the serious patients.

Warm-salt water is also quite useful to soothe the aching tooth. Pain killers also help the patient to get relief form toothache. Use of aspirin by placing it directly over the gums or the tooth is not advised as it may enhance irritation and result in mouth ulcers too. The affected tooth may be saved with the help of root canal too.

It is recommended that the abscessed tooth must be got treated immediately to avoid complications like blood infection, loss of the tooth, spread of infection to the gentle tissues, jaw bones, other body areas including the brain etc. Timely treatment of the abscessed tooth is a must otherwise the concerned persons may be put to great tooth pains that are intolerable and the patient has to be hospitalized. It leads to serious complexities if not cared for in time.  








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