Abrasion may be referred to as any wound that gives external harm to the skin. It may happen on any area that shows signs of scraping or scratching. Deep abrasions may result in scar tissues while the gentle ones do not bleed or scar and are known as grazes or scrapes too. Called as an avulsion, the enhanced and disturbing abrasion goes to the extent of removing the skin layers fully. Abrasion is in fact the scrape that harms the skin.

Abrasion may be divided into three types as per the level of their seriousness –

  • Epidermal injuries are covered under the first-degree abrasion.
  • Dermis and epidermis fall under the second-degree abrasion that may bleed little bit.
  • Known as avulsion, the third-degree abrasion damages the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Sometimes the exposed skin gets rubbed with the rough surface that results in rubbing away of its upper layers.

Treatment –

The affected part of the skin due to abrasion must be cleansed with the help of antibiotic like Bacitracin or Neosporin to keep it free from infection. It would help in keeping the wound moisturized too. It is better to dress the wound to save it from drying. Lidocaine or benzocaine is helpful for getting relief from the painful abrasions. Apt analgesic becomes necessary for large abrasions. The wounds should not be allowed to come into contact with the sun rays otherwise permanent hyper pigmentation may arise. 

The home remedies for abrasions include use of Aloe Vera that is the most effective way of treating this disease. The affected portion of the skin may be allowed to get dried up on its own after applying Aloe Vera that contains the best properties capable enough to heal the disease. The leaves of the aloe vera plants may be slitted viably to get the gel that may be applied evenly on the areas affected with abrasion.

Honey is also quite effective for getting rid of abrasion that can be treated in a fast manner. Apply honey on abrasion by making its thick layer on the skin that may be allowed to dry. The honey may be removed after considerable time with a sponge or wet cotton swab. The process may be repeated twice or thrice for good results.   

The abrasions can be treated fast by applying lavender oil on the affected parts. Thyme tea mixed with few lavender oil drops gives good results if the mixture is applied twice or thrice a day.

Bruised skins and the ones affected with vinegar can be cured in an effective manner by applying this natural astringent that helps in quick treatment of abrasions. Best results can be obtained by mixing some vinegar into three quarts of water. This may be applied onto the affected skin with cotton swab.

Swelling or bruising of the skin due to abrasions can be treated with the use of ice that may be used directly after cleaning the abrasions. Pain as well bleeding can also be reduced with ice.


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