Cramps come into existence because of the pain that often occurs in the abdominal area. Pains related to cramps occur on frequent intervals and change their positions. Usually the patient feels the pain in his or her abdomen despite the fact it may arise from other organs that are close to the abdomen. It is very difficult to tolerate the pains of the stomach cramps but suitable steps if taken in time can relieve the sufferers greatly. Cramps are responsible for the abdominal pain that should be cared for in the earlier stages. Cramping that starts with diarrhea or mild health problems is painful but not so serious.

It is essential that the area of the pain is assessed so that viable treatment is sought for the same. Abdominal pain can be felt anywhere from below the ribs to the pelvis. The following points may be of great importance  for the patients -

  • Persons of the menstruating age suffer from menstrual cramps that normally exist in the early stages of menstruation. They are short lived and last for few days.
  • Acute and localized pains could lead to serious complications including appendicitis or damaged organs.
  • Mild pains may not be harmful and may be treated with off the counter medication.
  • Persistent lower back pain could be the symptom of kidney stones. Doctor must be visited under such situations.
  • If someone feels pain or burning sensations while passing stool or urinating then it is a sign that he or she suffers from constipation or urinary tract.
  • If anyone is suffering from cramps because of taking heavy or greasy food then it is the symptom of the reaction of the digestive system.
  • Cramps could exist because of muscle spasms.

Stomach cramps may arise due to many reasons. The human digestive organs could be affected in an adverse manner due to the cramps that often emerge from infection in the body. The kidneys or spleen could also be affected due to the stomach cramps. Mostly the women get affected because of the cramps that usually take place during their menstrual periods. Care must be exercised to remain safe from their effects.

Treatment – You can get relief from the abdominal pain by adopting the following tips –

  • Sit comfortably in a relaxing chair and concentrate on thinking something that pleases you.
  • Divert your attention with longer breaths. It will help you to get rid of mild cramps and soft pains.
  • Breathe in a continuous manner by breathing in a fast manner like 1-2, i.e. breathing in and breathing out fast. Continue this process till you realize much improvement.
  • Do not ever think about the pain. Start watching TV or other entertaining sources.
  • Have a good diet but avoid excessive drinks or other eatables that put your digestive system in disorders. Keep away from solid foods, acidic eatables, dairy products or tomatoes till the time you recover from abdominal pain and cramps.

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