We often see the babies crying in a forceful manner. The parents are feared that the child may have some physical problem that makes it to cry. Known as colic, this is quite common and many children suffer from this during their infancy. There could be several reasons for the babies to cry that include cold, heat, hunger, tiredness or the diaper that requires change. Many babies often cry despite being well cared for.

It may be noted that colic does not last for long. The parents should not take any tension if the child cries in a continuous manner as it is quite usual in the early stages of childhood. The babies often suffer from colic when they are just few weeks old and the problem continues for about three to four months. It is also important that colic is not harmful at all. Rather it helps in gaining weight and usual feeding of the babies.

Symptoms –

  1. Irregular sleep – The babies may not be able to sleep regularly and suffer from frequent crying, i.e. colic.
  2. Forceful crying – The parents are afraid because the babies crying  in furious manner due to colic that is a matter of great discomfort for them, i.e. the mother, father and other family members. The face of the baby often turns red and flushed. The babies often cry in the afternoons or the evenings. This may continue for longer periods and the babies start crying without any solid reason.
  3. Posture – The back of the baby often becomes arched and his or her abdominal muscles get tensed. The child draws up its legs and the fists may get clenched.
  4. Wind – Forceful crying, i.e. colic may result in the baby to pass winds.  
  5. Inapt Feeding – Intense crying of the baby may affect its feeding but its quantity is not reduced except that the frequency may be affected.
  6. Restlessness – The babies that cry forcefully often become restless.

Causes – Though there may not be any solid reasons of colic, yet indigestion or wind are considered to be responsible for this problem.  Inapt food is also accountable for abdominal colic. This is actually the result of the baby’s mother that takes excessive quantity of onions, chocolates and other inapt food that is harmful for her baby that takes the milk from her breasts. Unfamiliar sounds and sights may also lead to colic amongst the children.

Treatment – The babies can be helped to get rid of colic by soothing them with love and care. It is better to consult the pediatrician before administering any medicines to the crying babies. Light dosages of homeopathic medicines are recommended for the colic affected babies as they do not harm them in any manner. Colic Calm Gripe Water, the world famous liquid is much effective in treating the babies that cry with great force. This unique formula is suited for the small babies that suffer from teething problems, pressure, bloating, stomach cramps and other related problems.

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