The women that deliver babies usually suffer from pains in the abdomen that is quite common. This can lead to complications if not cared for in the beginning itself. Many women have to face this pain for three months or more after delivering the baby. Child birth often leads to pains in the vagina, breasts and the stomach, pelvic area, the back and the abdominal of the women.

The baby stars growing in the uterus known as womb that is small and closed before the woman becomes pregnant. It starts contracting to enable the baby move through the birth canal while its neck or the cervix starts opening and thinning. It results in the baby move out of the vagina with the cervix fully open. After delivery, the woman’s body starts recovering and any fluids or blood etc in the uterus stop flowing. Blood can be expelled through the cervical opening but when it gets contracted the bloodshed is discouraged to continue. These contractions are felt for considerable time after the women deliver the children. Though light in nature the women should discuss the issue with the doctor, if they feel too much pain. 

It may be noted that the abdomen pain after child birth is cramp-like because of the contractions of the uterus. The woman has to bear this pain for about six weeks till her uterus gets normal in terms of its location and size. The women often suffer acute pains after delivering the child because of the oxytocin that is released in big quantities. Breast feeding is also helpful in releasing this hormone.

Painful muscles – The pelvic muscles and abdominal are greatly affected due to labor and delivery. The women need to take sufficient rest for recovery of these muscles after delivering the child. Painkillers could also be of great help for reducing pains.

Constipation – This problem is also quite common amongst the females that give birth to the children. Hormones that help in activating labor also enhance constipation. It can be reduced by having good diet that contains rich fibers.

Painful Breasts – Women that give birth to the babies suffer from sore breasts because of the milk that is filled in them. The nipples become harder and painful due to child’s suckling. These are the common after-effects of delivery.

Pain in the back – The women that give birth to the child often suffer from pains in their backs. It happens due to the uterus that expands during the pregnancy and excessive weight affects the back of the women. This pain can be intense because of improper posture and prolonged labor. It is quite common for few months after the women deliver the children.

Though abdomen pain is quite common after the child birth but necessary help from the doctor is a must if it continues beyond a considerable time. Regular urination also helps a lot for the same. Other affects of the delivery of children include swollen anal tissues, episiotomy and pains due to infections. 

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