The tiny red-colored creatures known as Chiggers are too dangerous for the human beings. People wandering around the weed patches, woody areas, long grasses and other place with greenery often fall victims to the Chiggers that obtain their food from the human blood.  The Chiggers usually attack the waist, groin, backside of the knees, armpits and ankles etc. The bites of these insects create painful sensations and the human physique starts itching and irritating. Care should be taken to prevent any complications because of such creatures and avoid coming into their contact. Anybody suffering from their bites may take suitable medicines and apply ointments etc.

Following home remedies and preventive steps can help a lot to get rid of the Chiggers bites.

Itching due to Chigger bites can be reduced greatly by wrapping the affected area with ace bandage. It will hinder the supply of air that aggravates the problem.

Aspirin – Make a powder of two three tablets and apply it onto the affected area to see the best results.

Baby Oil – Pain due to chigger bites can be reduced greatly by applying this oil that soothes the skin and gives enough relief.

Aloe Vera – Make an apt blend of Aloe Vera Gel by combining it with Peppermint. Apply it to the affected area to get quick relief. Best results can be obtained by adding some vinegar and olive oil too. They will help to reduce itchiness and swelling due to bites of the Chiggers.

Baking Soda – Apply it on the area that has been bitten by the Chiggers. Add some water and make it a good paste for even application.

Calamine Lotion – It helps to reduce inflammation and burning sensations due to Chigger bites.

Castor Oil – You can get quick relief from irritation and itchiness if this oil is massaged on the bitten area.

Cornstarch – Adding cornstarch and some Epson salt into bath water gives good results by soaking the affected areas in them for some time.

Dryer – Itchiness and pain because of the Chigger bites can be reduced greatly by blowing a dryer for about two minutes from about five cm away from the affected area.

Shower – Have a bath with hot water.

Herbal Tea – Green or chamomile tea works well to give soothing effects.

Ice Pack – Placing ice pack on the bitten area relieves from the pain and irritation.

Essential oils – Take some lavender or tea tree oil and massage on the bitten area. Likewise thyme essential oil also gives relief.

Listerine – Take some Listerine mouthwash and apply it onto the bitten area with a cotton ball to get quick relief.

Nail Polish – Chigger rash can be reduced by coating the bitten area with nail polish. Elmer’s glue also goes well for relief.

Olive Oil – Make a mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil and apply it onto the bitten area for quick relief.

Oatmeal – This is one of the most useful home remedies for Chigger bites. Scrub the area with it and get soothing effects.

Tea Bag – Apply it on the area after soaking in water.

Vicks VapoRub – Apply it by adding some salt. This will soothe the rash and relieve you from pain.

Prevention is better than cure. As such, wear long clothes; apply mosquito repellents on the hands and feet, have regular baths and avoid scratching the affected area because of Chigger bites. 

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